Orange Poland
Fiber internet

E-commerce Optimization Case Study

Business case

Key Performance Indicators

Increase conversion of Fiber Internet with TV bundle offer



Google Analytics

I started with analyzing data from google analytics. Metrics shown low conversion, but didn’t show why conversion is low, and where lies problem.


Usability test

We run usability test on 16 users.

The process was very difficult for the respondents to go through on their own. Only 1 person (out of 16) went through the process on their own – in the version of purchasing only home Internet, which was easier. Another 2 people bought the Internet in a package with TV, but not in the option they wanted. The respondents did not know how to configure the TV offer. As a result, they ordered the wrong package, which they wanted and would change the purchase options when they were in contact with the phone verifying the order.


Competition benchmark

I did competition benchmark. I had to check how competition address problems  which shown usability tests.




In Orange we have personas for every main product in portfolio.

I used persona which was most closely connected to fiber internet user as a main persona, also i i had in mind two side personas.

It helped me to address most of the use cases.


User Stories

With help of business stakeholders i’ve defined User Stories, which helped me with designing new user flow.

Few examples below:

  • I, as an internet user, want to easily browse the offer to be able to buy a solution that suits me
  • I as an internet buyer want to easily select the equipment to be able to use the internet comfortably and without problems.
  • I, as an internet buyer, want to easily choose the TV channels so that I can watch it
  • I, as an internet with TV buyer, want to easily check what I have in the package to know what I’m buying

Customer Journey Map​

Based on my findings I have created customer journey maps. It helped me to localize pains on customer path and find proper solutions. (On screen part of CJM which shown pain points).

Information architecture


Usability test shown inconsistency in text on landing page and shopping process. Together with marketing specialist we did review, and wrote new texts and micro-copy.



Low Fidelty​

I prepared in Balsamiq and InVision Low Fidelity prototype. With researchers we ran usability tests on 8 users. After few adjustment based on user’s observations, i made final mock-up.


Graphic Design​

Based on my mock-up, our UI Designer made graphic design ready for development. I was consulting design during the whole process. (On images  before and after design)



Conversion increase

On diagram below I merged conversion from 2018.09 till 2019.11.

Optimization process started in October 2018. We released fixes in end of December.

Conversion gradually increased to 2019.06. In June we started to shutting down current back-end and front-end process, and started moving users to new process.

In the beginning of September new process had 80% of traffic, and old process become obsolete.

From the time perspective with the small effort our agile team managed to increase sell conversion of Fiber Internet. It was common work of UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researchers, Marketing Specialist, SEM and SEO Specialist inside organization.